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God’s Revelations for Everyone! Overview.

Straddie sun. ©Copyright Bryan W Foster 2019

These next two textbooks, Love is the Meaning of Life: God's Love & Two Great Prophets for Today, are primarily about explaining the other Revelations I received directly from God in 1982 and 2016, along with the inspired messages received from God and discerned over more than thirty-five years. There is an inherent, authentic sense of the Truth being shared.

The literary style is one of stating the Revelations and inspired messages received or discerned from God accurately without diminishing the emphasis of each through diplomatic, political or politically correct forms.

Each Revelation and inspired message will be explained in enough detail so that the point is made succinctly and clearly.

There is a real emphasis on Keeping it Simple for all God’s People. Too often religious preachers, teachers and theologians emphasise too much detail beyond the clarity of the message. People then get lost in all the detail, and the point from God is missed. This book aims to keep the messages simple yet explained with enough detail for a proper understanding to be gained.

These books are not apologetic works. It is not teaching or preaching a set of one religion’s doctrines over another religion’s. It is not standing up and fighting for any particular religion or religious leader or any specific belief or patterns of belief from any specific religion.

It is a book of the Truth about and basically from the forever One and Only God of Existence.

All genuine religions are equal and have an essential role from God for each of their followers. The belief in only one God is most liberating and beneficial for appreciating and following God.

This truth is the Truth of God for today’s global and interconnected world. A future post will explain why I make this claim.

Copyright text and image © Bryan Foster, 2019

Edited Extract from Draft Edition of The Two Great Prophets for Today in the'God Today' Series. Published in 2020.

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