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Revelations and Inspired Messages from God

Amity Point Stradbroke Island Sunrise Copyright © Bryan Foster, 2019

What are 'Revelations' and 'inspired messages' from God as defined within these books in the 'God Today' Series?

Appendix 1

in Draft Extract from 'Two Great Prophets Today' (working title, released 2020/1) p. 75-76.

These books refers to 'Revelations' as being those inspired messages coming directly from God through a unique encounter with God and the person receiving these. However, there should also be some form of ‘proof’ of this reality, such as Tears from God and other justification points (explained in following post) before it is fully accepted and shared as the Truth.

Inspired messages are those thoughts and points received through prayerful experiences or other people, nature or events -from wherever God is inspiring us. However, a process of discernment is needed to clarify the authenticity of these and is different from normal thoughts and feelings.

The concept of ‘Revelations’ in this book are also referred to as ‘Special or Direct Revelations’ in various religious circles in society. God specifically directs these Revelations to individuals or groups. What is referred to as ‘inspired messages’ in this publication may, at times, be referred to as ‘General Revelations’ in other religious publications and discussions? These are from God to anyone in general, being received through such means as nature, ethical appreciations and cognitive reasoning. (GCSE, BBC) Christianity believes that Jesus is the ultimate example of the fullness of Revelation observed on this earth by humanity. (Oxford Scholarship, 2018) The different religions have various appreciations of the relevance of Revelations historically and today. All genuine religions believe that God reveals Godself to this world through various forms, especially through people, their beliefs and morality, and through the natural world.

The terms ‘Revelation’ and ‘inspired messages’ are used as points of clarity. Naming every message with which God inspires humanity with the term ‘Revelation’ may become confusing as there are different levels of Revelation. ‘Revelation’ is used when there is direct contact of God with specific people, while ‘inspired messages’ are for those revelations discerned by people as emanating from God. How both of these occur is explained.

Copyright text and image © Bryan Foster, 2019

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References: (GCSE, BBC, 2018) and (Oxford Scholarship, 2018)

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