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Why do we want to LIVE a FULL LIFE so strongly?!

Sounds like a dumb question, do you think???

Why do humans want to live so long and not die? Especially, when we get some appreciation of what being with God in Heaven is like? Being ONE with the ABSOLUTE LOVE and being encased fully in LOVE - Forever!

The older we get, the more appreciative of our lives we seem to get. The older we get, the more we appreciate every single day! We know we live on a knife’s edge and anything can happen to us at any time. The world is full of accidents, illnesses and natural and human-made catastrophes and so much more, all of which could end our lives in a second!

Most people by 50 to 60 years of age will have had a few very close encounters where life could be death in a split second. A couple of mine come to mind quite quickly. The time I was surfing as a seventeen-year-old during a cyclonic surf and was thrown off the ski while at the top of a massive wave and ended up in turbulent waters where I could not see where I was and didn’t know up from down. I survived and wondered how and why. Another time was when a bus in Paris almost collected me while about to cross at a pedestrian crossing. I literally almost became a death statistic from being hit by a bus!!!

The more I reflect and interact with nature and goodness and love within our world, the more I love it and the stronger this love becomes, especially over time.

Yet, I know that Heaven will be so much more. Being unable to fathom this at any depth though, due to my humanity and all its limitations, in a way actually helps me desire our world in a very positive, yet limiting way, I realise.

God obviously wants us to enjoy the world He deliberately created for us, otherwise why create this and share it with us all? Why guide us, particularly through scripture and prayer, etc., on how to be stewards of creation for all time.

God wants us to develop our LOVE of people and nature and to try and make each person’s life on earth something very unique and very special. We can’t understand why, except it is out of God’s ABSOLUTE LOVE that it all comes, all created, all shared with us fully!

Some see it as a trial to see if we are worthy of salvation in Heaven. Others see it as task-driven to develop all those necessary skills needed to make the world a fair and just place for all creation. Etc.

While others will take the negative route and believe there is no salvation and/or no God. Therefore, greed and lust and all things negative for a wholesome, fulfilled life, become the main aim of their lives. They believe that because in their eyes this is the only life and nobody else cares for you, that you should take as much as you can from it and enjoy it yourself or with your loved ones. Wrong!

God needs us to chose love over hate, life over death, joy over sorrow, etc. - until that moment in time when God calls us home to Heaven. This is where we started and the main option for where we end after death. Evil ones who deliberately choose evil beliefs and lifestyle and fail to seek forgiveness of God for their evil, sinful ways, end up in an eternity of evil.

Hence, the reason we want to live a fulfilled life comes from God out of God’s ABSOLUTE LOVE and desire for our best. However, we can not properly appreciate this, as it comes from divinity, God, and we only have our humanity to embrace and understand it as best we can.

Generally, we have an intrinsic feel for this love and these beliefs - and desire it strongly before moving on to God at death!

Copyright text and images © Great Developments Publishers, 2018-9

(Draft Extract from: 'Love is the Meaning of Life: God’s Love', by Bryan Foster, Published later in 2019, Great Developments Publishers, Gold Coast, p66-68.)

Will be available at all good internet bookstores later in 2019.

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