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Unique & Amazing Easter Sun Crosses

These unique and amazing images of an Easter Cross coincidentally appeared to me in 2018 on the weekend after Easter. These celebrate Christ with unique sun crosses in the sky outside Texas on the NSW/Qld border.

Happy Easter one and all.

There is also a cross image from my sister-in-law’s funeral at Mulaloo surf life-saving club near Perth last year. Coincidentally, the Texas' images occurred exactly one year after we saw Julie for the last time.

The following are quotes from my latest book, ‘Where’s God? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs’, 2018


Easter Sun Crosses

The first set of images shared in this photobook show the sun creating the shape of the resurrected sun cross on the weekend after Easter. The resurrected cross developed through these images from a sun ball in the first image to the resurrected cross in the final image. Once again it wasn’t apparent while taking the photos. The reality became real afterwards when reviewing the afternoon's shots. These are the most powerful images of something well beyond our capacity to create naturally.

I believe that God’s message for us from this set of images is in the death and resurrection of Jesus. The emphasis in the last image is to highlight the truth of the resurrected Jesus as the Christ in Christianity. This series which developed over a few moments is of seven different photographs taken in a similar position towards the sun and is as seen from this rural countryside on the southern side of the Queensland/New South Wales border at Texas. Being at the end of the week following Easter, the importance of Jesus the Christ is magnified.

There is a challenge here for many religions including Christianity. Even though it is an essential doctrine of Christianity, many question the resurrection’s authenticity. There is no doubt whatsoever for me of its reality! It is one reason that God has imaged the sun the way it occurred in these photos. It is God shouting out to us to BELIEVE! But still not forcing us! Jesus is the Christ who rose from the dead and is here with us now through the reality of the Holy Spirit to help guide us towards our salvation. (p.11)

The Easter cross that appeared outside Texas changed shape from a circular glow to a full dramatic cross as the images progressed. It was ‘grounded’ in the earth, as the original Jesus’ cross would have been. Glowing spectacularly as if the Risen Christ had resurrected the previous Easter Sunday. Not until later in the afternoon did we realised it was the first anniversary of the last time we saw my wife’s sister-in-law, Julie, before her unexpected death at fifty. Julie’s memorial service concluded with a spectacular sun cross being formed on the room’s translucent curtain at sunset – for us it was Julie’s cross. (p.35, 39)

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