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Bushland Spirituality – Straddie, North Stradbroke Island

Nothing beats the bushland for spiritual balance and personal equilibrium. We all should have at least one place where we can go and feel ‘at home’ spiritually - be this in the natural environment or some human-made (holy) facility for us.

I am very fortunate to have a few places, which fulfil this need. Most are in Australia and Canada. The two places where my children live.

Australia’s craggy features, lopsided but robust gums, upright and strong Australian grass trees – whether lush or burnt, golden red sunsets, eagles, dolphins, etc. etc. etc. and especially the resilience of everything standing and beneath – inspire and refresh!

My ‘birthplace’ of North Stradbroke Island (Straddie) is these and so much more! Is your birthplace special for you?

These past few years, I have been extremely fortunate to have spent a week or two on Straddie each year. Spending time there is so invigorating, soul developing and personally becoming one with the Earth and all things natural.

Driving along the long white sandy beaches and sand tracks, watching the brilliant nightly sunsets, walking the tracks and gorges, watching the whales, dolphins and other exotic marine life from on high and at close range, relaxes the mind and soul.

Staying close to nature in camping grounds adds another whole new depth to these experiences. Camping grounds these days cover the options of people at various stages of their lives, from tent camping through to large motorhomes and eco-cabins.

Canada’s absolutely magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains regions, rivers and creeks certainly bring nature to all those who access it.

These are truly natural and wonderful experiences in all that is our oneness with the spectacular natural environment!

God is so present in these regions and geographic features. The natural magnificence is ‘loaded’ with ‘Wow’ moments over and over.

Copyright text and images © Great Developments Publishers, 2018-9

Draft Extracts from: Love is the Meaning of Life: God’s Love by Bryan Foster, Published later in 2019, Great Developments Publishers, Gold Coast, p58-9.

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