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God's Choices for Us

  1. God’s Choice

  2. God’s Choices may be different from ours

  3. God’s main choice is Salvation

Benowa sunset © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

God’s Choice

Is it time to stop claiming we know what God wants for us?

It’s so easy to both thank God as well as being upset with God’s choices for us. The famous sayings, “The mystery of God/God is a mystery,” or “Faith is necessary for our search for God,” are so true!

So many of us have to stop categorising God with our expectations. It will never be a case of my way beats God’s way! Or I know more about my needs than God. God rules we don’t.

Just because I believe something is right, or best for my circumstances, doesn’t necessarily make it right or best for me in God’s eyes.

We need to be open to what God wants for us. To be attentive for what is best for us. To go along with God’s choices when so informed through prayer, meditation and inspiration, etc.

How open am I? Do I pray for what is best for me? And those I love? And those in need?

Do I put God’s choices above my feelings, thoughts and beliefs?

God is absolute love! God knows what is absolutely the best for me! I need to be open and ready for God’s choices for me!

God’s Choices may be different from ours

Each person needs to delve deeper into what God needs from them to fulfil God’s place for each in their life and their world.

This could become very clear for each of us when major catastrophes confront us. Let’s consider one such possibility. What is our initial reaction when we see a natural disaster, e.g. a major flood where many people drown? Initially many ask why did God make this happen? Or why did God allow it to happen? So much destruction and death.

This is where we may need to deviate from our initial reactions. Too often our choices fail to match God’s desire for us.

Let’s consider humanity’s common reaction to the drowning’s example – sadness, grieving, solitude etc.

Now let’s be more open to God’s possibilities. We must never forget about God’s absolute love for each person – ever. How throughout all time God treats each person equally!

God both wants the best for everyone in their earthly lives, as well as returning home to God at death. Our choices dictate our responses.

God’s main choice is our Salvation

Consider God’s number one intention for us equally - our salvation. It is to be one with God in Heaven.

God decides when each of us will die and be given the salvific choice of eternity with God (or not).

Let’s consider that God wanted those who drowned to be with God at that point in time. This would be God’s choice then! It is not up to us to disagree, even though we are so upset with the deaths.

We need to celebrate the going home to Heaven for these people.

Being called home to God is the absolute aim and desire for each person. This is fulfilment. This is what Love and Salvation truly are. Nothing could be better – no matter our sadness and grieving for the unwanted and unexpected deaths. Going home to God is the ultimate and absolute Loving moment in our lives.

See ‘Life & Death’ in 'Where’s God? Revelations Today' by Bryan Foster, 2018, p.184-192

Image and text © Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

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