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BF's 20 Book Collection

Bryan Foster author of these books.

With the photobook publication of Straddie: North Stradbroke Island in 2019, Bryan Foster's books now tally 20 over a 10 year period.

The 'GOD Today' Series now contains 4 books published from 2016-8.

The My Australia Photos Series of 10 photobooks highlights much of the outback Northern Territory and FNQ (Far North Qld). Karen assisted with many of the photos in these photobooks. This series has recently had Mt Warning and Straddie added.

The collection concludes with 5 school and church marketing books. Two of which were original ebooks back in 2009.

This year it is hoped to publish two texts Love is the Meaning of Life and School Marketing: An Introduction for Beginners.

All books are available from Amazon. Most are also available from all good internet bookstores, including Apple and Blurb. Blurb has all the photobooks fully viewable. At Blurb just click on the title and you can explore every page of every photobook for FREE.

Text and image © Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

Some key links are included: (Click through the page you arrive on to go to the photobook you selected. Click on 'Preview' to view complete book.

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