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What will stop the unification of all genuine religions?

Sunrise at Benowa Gold Coast © Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

Religious people who believe they are acting in good faith by blocking this attempt will be the main group of spoilers.

Atheists who want to use this as an attempt to stifle any reconciliation of the various faiths for their warped agenda could be quite powerful – their denial of God, faith and religions.

People stuck in their ways who have either never heard of this new model or who just want everything to be as it always has been - the no-change-needed group.

People who don’t believe Revelations and inspired messages from God occur today and believe God only spoke to prophets and others back in the early or ancient history days.

Politicians who have other secular or religious agendas.

The media who decide to act against this inevitable change.

The social media platforms which won’t give this a fair go. Etc.

Simultaneously, the ability to attack another religion or its followers in a variety of ways is relatively easy now. The attack could be verbal, written, acted, videod, ‘peaceful’ or violent, etc. This could come from the internet’s ability to promote, challenge, inspire those so inclined to do evil things to others and their religions. Ease of travel means within a day you could be anywhere else in the world.

Text and image © Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

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