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Unifying All Religions as 1

Palms at Sheraton Gold Coast © Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

Bringing all religions together would be an idealistic outcome, yet possible. The world has never been at a better time to work towards this. The internet and international travel have opened the world to so many possibilities.

When we can finally get some basic understandings accepted by the majority of people and their religious and cultural leaders, unification will start to follow. This does not mean that we strip the people of their cultures. We don’t! Appreciating our commonality though, as children of God and adjusting our thoughts and interactions towards others with different cultures, religions and God, to then see them in a positive, bright light – will eventually bring everyone together. (Or as close together as humanly possible, given our human traits.)

GOD will be needed more than ever, as each culture and religion work towards unification.

When we accept that the only 1 God is the same God for all people, ever, and that the dispersed nature of our worldly religions is nothing more than a historically forced outcome and not the end game but the start of change, then marvellous outcomes can develop.

The freedom knowing that we are all loved equally and unconditionally by our absolutely loving God is the most beautiful realisation. It is our responsibility to bring everyone together as one people on our one Earth at this moment in history. We need the one God to help us through this. Prayer, an open mind and love are essential for success.

Text and image © Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

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