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1God, 1People, 1World Religion

Full Moon rise GC © Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

There is ONLY 1 God of the universe.

There is only 1 people of God, i.e. all people who ever existed and will exist.

There should only be 1 religion and 1 name for God, ‘GOD’. Yet multiple cultures.

The main reason that there are many religions scattered throughout the world is precisely why we need to do a complete upgrading of our beliefs and practices. The significant religions came into existence thousands of years before mass communication, mass travelling and the internet. Derivatives of these came and went throughout history. It was a time when each culture was separated from other cultures through distance. A time when most people basically stayed where they were born. It was through this model of existence that the people and their religions of today started and developed.

The 1 God came through inspired messages and Revelations to each culture at a specific time in history, with pertinent teachings for their place and time. It was out of this that each culture/religion started to see themselves as unique and hence their God was better than anyone else’s God. Many had to take their religions to the others nearby, or over the seas and lands in more modern day history for these others to be saved and not end up in Hell as they understood it. Nationalism is very powerful – it’s us against them. And it is very strong today.

Today there is an even greater need to find the 1 true God of all time. The competition for people is swamped by consumerism, mass information - particularly online, confusion with online accuracy, individualism, nihilism, adultery and atheism, etc.

The western world is quite sick religiously and mentally and needs urgent attention for both individuals and the West's survival. Over 30% of people in the west have, had or will have, depression. Much of this could be put down to a lack of any real substantial meaning of life in this world and hope for the future for many. It is well-known that people with good spirituality and faith in God will live longer, happier lives. So why is this point not sought or promoted?

(Image - full moon at Palm Beach, Gold Coast, 210119)

Text and images © Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

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