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Love the Outdoors Energisation!

Does anyone else love the outdoors much more than the indoors.

That you are so energised and recharged being in nature?

That there is so much more life and energy outside?

That the cocoon of the indoors virtually wraps us in ‘inside protection’ and thwarts so much creativity, life and oneness with nature and God?

It seems so much more obvious in summer. Yet winter also has its ‘magic’ and seems to draw us outside too. Even in cold, snowy lands, we feel this!

God is everywhere, in everything and not of this world. For many people, I realise that the indoors is their world and rightly so. We all try to experience our lives in the best most practical way possible for each of us in our circumstances.

Enjoy this special time of the year, wherever you may reside! God be with you!

Images: Mt Warning creek. The Spit Gold Coast. Revelstoke, BC Canada.

Images and Text - ©2019 Bryan W Foster

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