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Christmas – Time to bring the World back to God’s LOVE

Image by Karen Foster © Copyright 2018 Karen Foster

God only loves. Why? Because this is the very intimate nature of God. God is a lover, not a fighter. Everything God does is for the betterment of the people. God’s People. People God created out of love. People whose whole intrinsic being is based on love.

The greatest response people can do for one another, and God is to love. Love to the absolute. It is where each person will be at peace with God and one another - where the greatest reward is felt and observed.

Loving and caring for all others is God’s primary goal for each person within humanity.

But why then isn’t this the case in the ‘real world’. It is the case in the real world, yet we have made the real world something else through our personal and communal decisions. People have generally changed the world to suit themselves and to match with their values. To be as they imagine it is best to be.

Source: Extract from 'Where’s God? Revelations Today'

by Bryan Foster, p119.

Text © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

Image by Karen Foster © Copyright 2018 Karen Foster

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