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'GOD Today' Video Series

Today marks the first weekly update into this new video series by Bryan Foster, 'GOD Today' Video Series.

Joining the initial 10 videos commenced last weekend comes today's all important 'Are the GOD Signs Real?' These GOD Signs are referring to the signs that Bryan has personally experienced from God. Most were received this year.

This video shows some of the signs and also explains the reality of receiving these.

The series, so far:

Are the GOD Signs Real? (2018)

Sun Signs, Arrows, Rays, Double Rainbow and Free Will (2018)

Why God Revelations Today? (2018)


Why Write These Revelations from God Books? (2018)

Overview of ‘GOD Today’ Books 2016-20 (2018)

Tears from God – background – the how, why and when +++ (2018)

Where’s God? Revelations Today – Released (2018) Why the Book & Background (2016)

God’s Revelation to Bryan Foster – How it Happened (2016) – Part 1 Overview – Only 1 God of the Universe (2016)

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All videos presented by Bryan Foster.

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