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"Life is NOT a journey!” I was told?!? Pardon???

Poincianas Australia © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

© Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster Poincianas Australia
Poincianas Australia © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

Contrasting responses to me taking these incredible images of poincianas yesterday. These trees were shown to me by my mother this morning because of their magnificence. I took these photos for her.

While taking these, one driver was so excited that he stopped and called out to also go to Campbell St for a street full of these! Wow, how exciting. Nature is going wild!!!

2 minutes later another driver stopped at the traffic lights on the corner where the house is. He slowly wound down his window and creepily looked at me. I noticed his neck had various tattoos, including the Southern Cross stars and some wild animal. I have no objection to tattoos, but then comes the negative avalanche of softly spoken rhetoric. He tells me in no uncertain terms that I was wasting time taking the photos, how insignificant were the trees and flowers, etc. Apparently a reiteration of what his father had told him…

Then came his clincher…

As a background, I do signings on my 'GOD Today' books with, ‘Enjoy the journey…’ referring to the journey of life to God’s salvation.

This person with a smile and a weird sense threw this back at me with…

“Life is NOT A JOURNEY!!!”

I now feel today that I have experienced something directed specifically at me, which is not good and is on a completely different plane…

I need to go to Campbell Street so much now!!!

Images and text © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

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