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Where’s God on Halloween?

Halloween at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia. Copyright Bryan W Foster 2018

The same place as for every other day, actually! But where are we?

This year a new book answers the question of ‘Where’s God?’ - coincidentally as it happens, being released on Halloween.

Does the book add any significant light on Halloween itself? Yes, in so far as linking this original pagan celebration to today’s challenges created by an ever-growing secular world. Paganism and its witches, demons and evil spirits, were or are still believed to roam this world, literally or figuratively.

Even if not literally so, much evil does exist and is becoming more attractive for many.

Often this is not sort after explicitly by the person but becomes the case subtlely through their lifestyle choices where they become the centre of their universe and the physical spoils of this earth, resulting from consumerism and materialism, spring forth and become so appealing that God and God’s teachings start to disappear for these people.

This continues until they are totally consumed by this physical world and ignore God’s world, often believing they have all the answers and that God is unimportant or doesn’t exist - hence justifying their beliefs and actions.

'Where’s God? Revelations Today' by Gold Coast author and teacher, Bryan Foster, challenges us to see God in the goodness of this world, of each other, in our natural surroundings and surprisingly in the business of our lives. He asks us to explore who and where God is for each of us in today’s world.

Bryan Foster received Revelations from God while at the foot of Mt Warning. Is Mt Warning’s name just coincidental to our exploration or more serious? Has God sent warnings critical to our existence and salvation? YES!

'Where’s God? Revelations Today' is the third book in the ‘GOD Today’ Series – Out Halloween from all good internet bookstores. Next month its photobook companion, 'Where’s God? Revelations Today: Photobook Companion' will be released on the author’s 40th wedding anniversary on November 25.

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