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Awesome God - Reflect Upwards

Just spent some time looking skyward. Whoa… it’s big and powerful feeling and thought-provoking.

Just looking upwards now and seeing the moving clouds across the sky - certainly makes you see size! It’s huge. And mobile. Made me feel so insignificant!

I know I’m not that small and insignificant. None of us is. But it does give some perspective of where we fit into our universe.

On top but also on the bottom…

This reflection high above does give God some realistic ‘dimensions’ – huge and well-beyond anything we can imagine.

You might even get the sense of God not being a part of this physical world but of another world entirely, even though present within this world!

Looking upwards helps us see how awesome and magnificent God is and how special we are to be able to ascertain this.

Text and images © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

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