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'Where's God? Revelations Today' - Cover Choices?

I would much appreciate your views on options for the new book's cover. Please just advise of the image choice or your thoughts. Some suggestions attached. Probably easier to use Message or post on the timeline. The examples are in no specific order. You may like to offer suggestions on which image or type of image, font style, colour of pic and writing, etc. Every viewpoint will be very much appreciated. These covers are evolving as I receive feedback. The title is as shown. For more detail on the book's content you might like to see the new website at The images are ones I have taken. Are there other images previously shared or themes which might suit better? The book is close to publication. Now doing edits, proofing and designs, etc. I am very much looking for a cover which has as much impact as possible and inspires the reader to view the content inside. Many thanks. Looking forward to your much valued thoughts.

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