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God's Revelations Today

Kingscliff Beach sunrise © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

The world is in such great need that we must be on the look out for God's Revelations today! We need to be open to God's inspired messages. These are happening all around us. Can we recognise them?

There is so much negativity in today's world distracting us away from God. We are challenged to go well beyond such influences, to search for and then find God. To do this we need God's assistance. We cannot do this on our own. We need to ask God to help us on our journey.

Prayer and meditation help with this. Prayer is essential for our individual and communal survival and growth. These are critical skills we must develop and then practise regularly. Also practise being with God through those we love, nature, good people, good lifestyles, etc.

My upcoming book, 'God's Revelations Today', will explore these issues. It will detail and explain some special experiences I have had with God, who God is and the Revelations and inspired messages given by God for today's people. This has occured over a lifetime but with some unique experiences in the past three years.

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