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Life’s Not Fair.

So true, even with all the love that exists within each person and the world as a whole. Life certainly isn’t fair in the sense we commonly use it. But…

It’s very easy to sit back in a first world country and complain about how tough life is. Maybe we could spend some time in a third world country living their lifestyle on their means and then ask how fair life is. In fact, many in third world countries could do likewise in their own countries and then see others who are worse off than themselves.

Life’s fairness is so relative.

We all expect the best for ourselves and our loved ones. In fact, we would probably go to exceptional lengths to make this occur. And in many cases already do.

How then can we legitimately complain about fairness when billions are far worse off?

What is fairness anyway? Is it equality of wealth and opportunities? Is it empathy for all fellow humans? Is it social justice for all? Is it all these and more?

Even in a country which has virtually everything, such as Australia, life is definitely not fair. Even when the great majority of Australians stand up for our justice system, our health and education systems, our social services and welfare systems, our wage indexation system, police and security systems, our freedoms beyond all other countries, our environment and open spaces, the weather, we can still see an avalanche of social injustice. And this is probably the best country for egalitarianism, equality and opportunities for all.

Someone born into a wealthy, educated, powerful family is far more likely to have an easy life. To have so many life and career opportunities. To marry into other wealthy, powerful families. To have so much that their understanding of the poor is mostly compromised to support their elitism’s regime.

The view that some have this or that because of hard work and that those others who don’t have the essentials can only blame themselves for their problems is wrong. It is hard to argue that people want similar things, yet life’s choices or inevitabilities end up differently for each person. Those fortunate enough to gain more often don’t want to share much of it, while those who ended up with less would like the others to share. This is an argument so based on where a person stands on the wealth continuum.

Unfortunately, most rich people think the poor are in control of their lives. They use this to justify doing no more for them than necessary. It allows these people with so much to sleep comfortably, guiltfree. Who would choose poverty and destitution over wealth and power? Who would not choose motivated, successful parents, family and friends to guide and shape their every move and development? Who would not choose a good education at a good school followed by a good tertiary qualification? And the choices go on.

Fairness is about so many aspects of life, not just money. We need to consider all aspects associated with a population’s health, education, career opportunities and enhancements, societal relationships, equality before the law, access to satisfactory housing, clothing, temperature control, pollution control and other environmental effects on people. In fact on all aspects of life that impact and affect each person. It is also a significant amount more than just looking after a culture or nation or community or religious group, etc. It is totally about looking after each within their community.

(Draft extract from my upcoming book, God’s Revelations Today.)

Image and text © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

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