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God-given Gifts and Talents

The greater the God-given gifts and talents each person possesses, the greater their responsibility to themselves and humanity.

Surfing at Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

We all have a collection of gifts and talents. Each their own and in different quantities and levels. How we develop each one and what we do with it will have a major bearing on us individually, those we come in contact with, and the world at large.

We can do outstanding things with these gifts and talents. We can also do some very poor things. But mostly we probably do mediocre, overall. Everyone needs challenges, education, training, etc. to succeed to a very high level with these talents. It is way too easy to do very little or nothing at all.

These gifts and talents have enormous variety. There are the higher order ones, e.g. Intellect, compassion and inspirational leadership. The emotional and life-giving, e.g. those who are supportive, good friends and positive lovers, parents and children. The physical sporting, work and adventurous related ones, the artistic and creative ones including acting, dance and art, and even what one some might call the superficial ones, including beauty and physical appearance. The professional career and trade-based ones. The educational type. The religious and spiritual ones. And so many others.

It is our God-given duty to use these for our personal, communal and worldly benefit. To help make our lives and the lives of others more fulfilled, peaceful and rewarding.

The greater the gift and talent, the greater our responsibility to develop it and use it very wisely.

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