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Heaven – What’s it like?

(Draft extract from the upcoming book, God’s Revelations Today (2nd ed). The next edition to One God for All)

The sun is probably the best known natural phenomenon to help us gain a better appreciation of God - when using it as a metaphor. It has the power, majesty, life-giving force. It provides us with remarkable beauty, especially at sunrise and sunset. Its splendour as it sits behind clouds and peeks or explodes forth is a magic art piece. sun image cover by bryan foster

I believe the best analogy to use when describing God through the use of the sun is to set the sun behind a cloudbank where it bursts upwards and outwards, as well as streaming downwards. Apart from the spectacular vision this creates, it also allows us to see somewhat the sun exploding through each cloud and water droplet.

Metaphorically allowing the brilliant, intense light to represent God’s absolute love, we see it flowing around and through every single drop representing each of us, our true selves, our souls. God’s intense love permeates each of us absolutely. We become one with God. We are now an integral part of God’s absolute love. We are love!...

… We then exist for eternity with God and all other humans from throughout history who have freely chosen God at their instant of death.

We are no longer physical but spiritual. We are a true integration with the divine. We no longer have those earthly, physical desires and needs. We are beyond these entirely.

What this is like cannot be defined through our limited human capacities. It is what we call a mystery. It is real but in another dimension of reality. The divine reality.

(A good representation of this image is seen on the cover image from the first edition of this book, One God for All)

Image and text © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

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