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Going home… to God!

Everyone will eventually be called home to God. No matter the beliefs, the science, the earthly power, nothing will stop this happening! Not everyone will accept.

What a most beautiful, powerful, awe-inspiring reality for each of us.

God created us in God’s image, and God will call us home. We will return in the image God created and which we developed with our personal Free Will and lifelong decisions made.

As perfect beings, unable to even sin against God until we reached the Age of Reason, around 7-9 normally, we came into existence totally through God’s love for each of us. (Young ones do wrong but not with the sense of it being sinful and against God.) We were perfect in the divine spiritual sense. We all had physical flaws due to our humanity and place in an evolving universe. Our early perfection, as sensed through our spirituality, is one of those key attributes that we find so attractive in babies and young ones. Their innate beauty is Godly! We get a glimpse of Heaven on Earth through our very young ones.

Our lives then progress, no-one’s being the same as anyone else’s. Everyone’s lives will encounter good and bad to varying levels. Everyone will have varying opportunities, challenges, illnesses and injuries. Everyone will experience pain, sorrow, grief, healing, happiness and joy. Everything we experience will be relative to our live’s circumstances…

Then, somewhere along the continuum of life, God calls us to ‘Go home to God’! We can rarely know the moment…

At that most spectacular moment in our life, we go home! The beauty, magnificence and awesomeness of the truly most powerful, most LOVING reality of God invite us home! The most comforting and loving moment of our whole lives happens in that instant! We are embraced, brought in and become one, once again just as before we were born, with GOD! Our lives are now complete. Our eternity awaits us in this whole new dimension of life. An eternity of living a true life of LOVE, absolute and real GODLY DIVINE LOVE forever…

For those relatively few people who freely reject God out-rightly, even at that final moment when ‘face-to-face’ with the absolute loving God giving that last chance to use the ultimate Free Will given by God to choose God, some will still reject God. This will be through their own free choice, in line with their previously freely chosen worldly evil choices, and hence not be admitted.

Come to me my little ones. God continually calls all of us to share our eternity in Heaven after Going home to God.

Images and text © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

(Extract from upcoming book, working title: God’s Revelations Today)

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