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Goondiwindi Cotton - Example in Excellence for Sustainable Irrigation

Outstanding environmental landcare and irrigation on cotton farm. This includes a massive 1.3km mobile hose watering irrigator - no water spraying (see pics), electronic gauges, huge water valves and water trenches throughout. Karen and I observed at first-hand how a water-intensive cotton farm on the NSW/Qld border irrigates extremely economically and sustainably. Beautiful to observe. The huge farm has been graded and levelled in different directions to drain the water to specific locations. All water flows into these drains which redirect water to other drains, pipes and pumps. All water is used on the farm. No run-offs to elsewhere. This is truly earth stewardship in operation by Goondiwindi Cotton. Using the earth's water resources to grow an essential cotton product using best practices in sustainable irrigation. Images and text © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

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