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Israel Folau - Check the Science and Theology

Izzy Folau has every right to his freedom of speech, as does every other Australian. (Unfortunately, many within our world do not, and we should continue the fight for these disadvantaged groups and nations.)

I would argue that his religious stance is incorrect. His statement is based on a literalist/fundamentalist interpretation of Christian/Judaic scripture. It needs to be based on a contextual and scientific approach. This literalist approach causes much confusion and disagreement and often forces people away from religion because it seems so wrong.

(Image: Climbing the 'Hill of Truth')

To accept a literalist approach also means to accept that the world was created in six days, that slavery has its place and that women are mostly seen as subservient to men, etc.

This form of interpretation causes much angst and heartache as it is way too simplistic. It misses the point so often. And I and many others educated in scripture and theology believe it is wrong!

Science is God’s gift to us to help humanity come to an understanding and appreciation of nature and how it works. The Big Bang Theory is the accepted theory for the creation of the world. Evolution is real and proven. Add God as the kick-off point, and we have the full story.

The cause of homosexuality is still debated, but the strongest science points to it being a biological or biological response. Either way, the person doesn’t have a choice. They can’t be ‘freed’ or ‘changed back’ as fundamentalists argue.

His right to freedom of speech and freedom of religious thought is being challenged in Australia by a strong political minority. This is the challenge which became apparent during the same-sex marriage debate. Everyone has a right to free speech and religious choice. Beware the haters. Beware the extremist political groups who try to force their views. They have a right to express their views politely and without being a threat - like everyone else.

Bring the real God into the equation, and you have a love for all people – equally and absolutely!

Images and Text © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

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