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Resurrection Sun Cross Images

A set of images show the glory of the resurrected sun cross in the Australian sky. These photographs were taken on the weekend after Easter 2018. The resurrected cross developed through these images from a sun ball in the first to the resurrected sun cross in the final image. Two of these images appear in this blog post.

There will be those who argue that these are just some form of natural reflective or refractive light patterns developed from either the natural surroundings or the camera lenses itself. And this is most likely the case. However, what made these appear is the divine question? God often works through nature, people and worldly creations.

I believe that God’s message for us is in the death and resurrection of Jesus. The emphasis in the last image is to highlight the truth of the resurrected Jesus as the Christ in Christianity.

This series of the resurrected sun cross which developed over a few moments is of different photographs taken in a similar position towards the sun, as seen from this rural countryside on the Queensland/New South Wales border at Texas, Australia. Being at the end of the week following Easter, the importance of Jesus the Christ is magnified. Salvation awaits the believers and followers of Jesus.

Images and Text © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

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