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Free Will

Wow! Huge responsibilities and ramifications!

God is absolute LOVE. From this, God gives us all absolute freedom - Free Will.

This allows us absolutely to decide to go along with God or not!

Too many people today cop out and blame God for anything and everything wrong in this world. Many also need to take responsibility for their actions.

Once God gave us absolute freedom out of God’s absolute love for us, then the evil, badness and downright harm people deliberately do to others is a result of their Free Will. God isn't evil, these evil people are. Because of the absolute freedom, God allows things to run their natural course.

Unfortunately, most things which hurt people, have been done by humans and their free choices. Wars, violence, abuse, non-sharing of the worldly wealth causing poverty, various illnesses related from human lifestyle choices, e.g. resulting from poorly chosen diets, smoking, alcohol and various illegal drugs, etc., lack of fitness, etc., unsafe places and circumstances in which people choose to live, etc.

There is also a dimension of mystery in all of this, e.g. why did the child die so young? Why did the tsunami hit a coastline 1000s of kilometres from the epicentre and kill so many?

Because God is not of our physical world and is not physical but is divine and godly, we can not imagine with any real certainty, why God allowed for some natural events to occur? There is some inkling though when we accept that many people claim to have gained from some form of suffering or loss. That their lives have been enhanced, etc.

We do know that out of God's absolute love and our own Free Will, that God allows for people to make bad choices with the various ramifications resulting. The answer awaits us through our salvation with God in Heaven. We don’t know when God will be calling us at death. Another mystery.

God loves us all equally, no matter our circumstances.

Imagine our world if we all similarly loved God and each other as God loves us!

Text and Image © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

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