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'Love life – don’t take it'. Revelation from God #3

Seems so obvious, doesn’t it? Then why would God emphasise this in the revelation list? Maybe it is because so many in our world disagree and believe it is their God-given choice to take life whenever they wish.

Love life. Love each other. Love yourself. Love God.

We live in a most beautiful world of plenty. At the most inspiring and opportunistic time in history. What is there not to love?

Well, let’s consider those who place themselves before others.

For example, in the USA the second amendment and how it’s interpreted; in Syria how a whole culture can be wiped off the map in its present form; when unjust wars destroy populations and how totalitarian and communist regimes remove the political unbelievers in them. Plus murderers in all societies.

Then we have the everyday carelessness or deliberate flouting of laws which end in death, e.g. the mobile/cell phone users, drink/drug and tired drivers who care only about themselves and kill millions worldwide. The irresponsible people who apparently stand for a cause, yet allow their children to suffer or die, e.g. the anti-vacs whose children or others around them contract the disease and may eventually die and the child abusers whose children die because of their abuse. The list goes on.

The 35000+ Americans who are killed by their citizens every year, year in and year out. Apparently, this situation is acceptable to lawmakers because it’s an amendment to the constitution written in 1791 to protect against the British. Think muskets not automatics. Awful how people can twist the intentions and reality of this amendment to suit their own ignorant, self-centred reality.

The unprotected unborn. The ones without a voice who die because it’s convenient for their mother whose life is not threatened. No consideration for the unborn person, no consideration of the option of adoption (even with thousands who would do anything for an adoption), it’s all about the mother. (Exception: When the mother’s life is genuinely threatened, and the unborn dies as a result of saving the mother.) This whole issue has become so blaze today in the world of individual rights of the born over everything else.

These are but some of the life-taking circumstances we find today.

There are only three justified positions for taking a life legitimately: in a just war, in self-defence and when a pregnant mother’s life is threatened, and the unborn dies as a result of saving the mother.

Love life, love God. Don’t take life. That’s God’s call.

Text and Images © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

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