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‘Don’t be Greedy’ – Revelation from God #2

Oh, how easy it is to be greedy. It’s almost as if it’s an inherent human trait. In fact, sometimes it seems that ‘everyone’ is doing it! Our western world often seems to encourage us to cry out for everything we can get. It is all about me getting as much as I can. Because if I don’t, someone else will, and hence I miss out. The assumption being that the more I get, the better off I will be and the happier more successful I will feel and be seen as by others, especially by my peers! But it is classic human frailty. This drives people to do things they inherently know is wrong, but because it seems culturally correct, it ‘must be correct’ to them. Their ethics become skewed away from the truth. There is an unnatural attraction to power, wealth, fame, beauty, appearance, etc. This nihilism depletes us as loving, considerate, genuine, authentic, successful people. The truth, happiness and success which we aspire to can only be fully found in and through God. Yes, we can achieve snippets and examples of something, somewhat like non-greed by trying not to be greedy. But we need God’s help to fully and comprehensibly be free of greed. Why? Because to do so makes you so anticultural. Fighting the culture of the nation is extremely difficult on its own. The power of prayer and having God ‘in your corner’ to help guide and give you strength and understanding are critical! There’s plenty for everyone in this world, if only we could stop being greedy. All people could be fed properly if we all so desired. All people could have a reasonably balanced existence with food, clothing, shelter, security, career options and all those freedoms most ‘would die for’ and many do in trying.

Text and Image © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

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