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Be Truthful – God's Revelation #1 to Bryan Foster

An analysis of the list from God's Revelation in May 2016 will be shared over the next few months. Being truthful was the first message God sent for this Revelation. Initially, I wondered why it was at the top of the list. Then it eventually dawned on me how absolutely important this is for all people individually and each person's place within his/her various communities, organisations, careers, religions, etc.

To be truthful causes each person to be themselves honestly. To only espouse, act, and be their true self in all their dealings. To be honest within themselves and to themselves. Being truthful is an intrinsic and essential aspect of love. To express one's love for someone else, or his/herself requires complete honesty and truthfulness. A person will not lie, tell fibs, distort the truth, be someone else, act dishonestly, etc., with someone s/he loves. Otherwise, it diminishes their loving relationship or may even distinguish it. Incredibly, fakeness was to become such a real issue for us today. It gained incredible momentum in 2016, as one of the candidates for the USA presidency started delineating between news which supported him and the 'fake' news that didn't. His emphasising fake news has taken on its impetus worldwide. People seem to question news and official information in greater detail. Often deciding with little research what is fake and what isn't.

Some thoughts: Truthfulness is Beautiful Be truthful and be released/freed - no more being shackled to 'fakeness', lies, deceit, etc Freedom follows truthfulness Be truthful, honest and loving! Be the real you! © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster 'Be Truthful' from the whole revelation from God on p171 ' One God for All'

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