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Australians Must Celebrate Their Teachers

Thanks to the new Australian of the Year and the Local Hero, education has been placed at the top, front and centre. Where it truly belongs.

Both Prof Michelle Simmons and Mr Eddie Woo highlighted how good Australia is at educating our young at both school and tertiary.

Let’s stop this perennial chase of data to improve our supposed flawed system. It isn’t broken just needs a little tweaking. Stop comparing it to other countries and cultures. Let’s be frank once and for all - our education is ‘bloody’ good and doesn’t need to be deconstructed and rebuilt.

Why do key personnel of our nation still have this inferiority complex of past decades? Many of these are supposed, educational experts? Why do we place so much concern and confidence in supposed comparisons with others internationally? Why are we so data driven? Are we comparing like with like in these comparisons? I am yet to be convinced we are actually.

Our culture, climate, attitude and needs, etc., are being well met by what we offer.

As internationally acclaimed teacher, Eddie Woo said, "Let's learn to truly value our schools and our teachers. Education has been one of Australia's greatest assets, but things won't stay that way unless we give educators the cultural and capital support they need to do their jobs. Valuing education isn't about awards or accolades, it’s much more about trust and respect.”

"Australia Day is a time to sit up and marvel at all the wonderful acts of selflessness and sacrifice that go unnoticed around us every day." (1)

Michelle came here because it was the best country in which to achieve. She had the opportunity to research at top British and USA universities but chose Australia.

"Australia offers a culture of academic freedom, openness to ideas, and an amazing willingness to pursue goals that are ambitious."

"It's nail-biting, it's exciting, and it's happening here right now in Sydney."

"To this day, I am delighted with my choice and firmly believe that there is no better place to undertake research." Prof Michelle Simmons (2)

“One of the world’s top scientists, Professor Michelle Yvonne Simmons has pioneered research that could lead to a quantum leap in computing and reshape the way we live and how we experience the world – her work is helping develop leading technology on a global scale, right here in Australia…

In 2012, Michelle and her team created the world’s first transistor made from a single atom, along with the world’s thinnest wire. The breakthrough means Australia is now at the forefront of what Michelle calls the ‘space race of the computing era’.” (3)

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