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What is true love - really?

A brilliant, recent explanation by Catholic priest, Fr Tony Girvan from the Archdiocese of Brisbane. The two videos were recorded at Kyle and Karina’s wedding in December 2017. Both highlight what true love really is, while the longer version also includes what God isn’t. Karen and I were overwhelmed by Fr Tony’s homily. A number of the key points from the presentation have been included below.

See God is LOVE… video at (4:13)

See homily video (God is LOVE… + God isn’t…) at (6:10)

Some key points from the homily

God is -

God is love itself.

Love is lifegiving. Helps us walk in new ways. Profound ways. Deep ways. That makes life worth living.

In spite of the trials and tribulations. In spite of the joy, the happiness.

Love makes us stronger.

Makes us able to face whatever the world may throw at us. And triumph over it.

It’s the message of the cross. The message of the resurrection. Not even death can take love away.

A much deeper Love. Far more profound. [Than many think Catholics believe.]

Most powerful symbol of love in our Christian tradition – is the love of the cross.

Kyle and Karina show the face of our God through the sacrament of marriage.

God is not -

Catholics don’t believe God is a Zeus like-God. God is not a chess player. Can’t ask, how did God do bad things to people. Or allow bad things to happen? These are grade 3 understandings of God. [This is not how it works. See above.]

Secular world’s god of fluff and romance and ‘Bachelorette’ type love, etc. is also a grade 3 understanding…

Text and Image © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

Presented with permission from Fr Tony Girvan and Kyle and Karina Rodgers.

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