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‘Mt Warning: God’s Revelation’ - the companion photobook to ' One God'

‘Mt Warning: God’s Revelation’ the companion photobook to ' One God for All' has just been released.

It reveals God's one-on-one revelation to the author, Bryan Foster. This genuine revelation occurred in 2016. The title of the book includes the key revelation that there is only 1 God for all people within this world.

The specific revelations of God are written in both books. As is the background to its occurrence.

'Mt Warning: God's Revelation' - highlights in a photographic format the mountain and surrounds at the centre of the revelation.

Both are written in an easy to read and appreciate format.

The author shares numerous encounters with God over his many years in ‘’. These are in story form and explain the place of God in each event. Each may assist the reader in his or her relationship with God.

There are also various beliefs discerned from God by the author and explained here. This is an uncluttering of some basic yet very important messages from God. Each is aimed to help people be more comfortable with themselves, their lives and their relationship with God. Many of these are beliefs contained within the teachings of several religions.

'Tears from God' are explained and shown to be a most important experience of God's action within this world. These are signs of God's actual presence and the need to accept the messages being relayed to the believer at that moment in time.

© Copyright 2017 Bryan W Foster

‘Mt Warning: God’s Revelation’ is available from Amazon, Blurb and Apple ‘ One God for All’ is available from all good internet stores

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