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Muslim Father Forgives 8 Year Old Son's Accidental Killer

Forgiveness is essential for healing – a beautiful Muslim father forgives his little son’s accidental killer. An absolute inspiration for humanity! Mr Darwich (pictured on left), father of Jihad, one of the boys killed in the school car crash in Melbourne this week, has offered the ultimate forgiveness to the driver of the car which killed his son. One of the most difficult aspects of life is forgiving those who have harmed us, especially when harmed beyond imagination. Following is a transcript of Mr Darwich on the way to the funeral from his car cam. His son’s casket is in full view in the back. This is truly a divine act by a loving human being - an absolute lover, believer and follower of God. His Islamic faith is giving him incredible strength. © Copyright 2017 Bryan W Foster Edited transcript - “special message here for the lady that was involved in the accident’’ “… Allah has called for him. He is happy”. “When all of this is over she is welcome to come and sit with the family, have a meal and talk about how they can move forward.” “honest mistake” “could have happened to any of us” “This was an accident…The lady has four children herself at school, she’s got a child at the school, she has a child with a disability, she suffers from mental illness. We have to forgive ….’’ “Don’t abuse the school ... this is the will of the creator…” Transcript and photo from 'The Australian':…/7397ebc0dfdc93eab6275e8b0… Facebook - website: Author details at

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