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Forgiveness (Extract from ‘ God for All by Bryan Foster, 2016/7)

Forgiveness is a most difficult process but an essential need within all humans.

People need to forgive others for their wrongdoing towards them. Others need to forgive us for our failings. We need to forgive ourselves. Forgiveness offered and received is essential for the relationship to repair.

Of course, this is not a simple procedure or one with an inevitable outcome. It depends on so much. It depends on our openness to forgive and to be forgiven. It depends on the person we hurt or who hurt us, being open to forgive or be able to accept forgiveness. It sometimes depends on our ability to offer restitution knowingly or unknowingly to the recipient. It depends on our experience of forgiveness and how we have been affected previously. It depends on our personality, mental, physical and social health, on our standing with the person concerned, and on so much more.

Once we can forgive and be forgiven and affect restitution, if necessary, we are set free. We can live more peaceful, fulfilling lives. Our relationships are stronger, and we are happier within these. We are more complete as people living in our families, workplaces, communities, etc.

We must also appreciate and accept God into our earthly relationships. We need to invite God into our relationships, to help strengthen these and to be there when difficulties arise. When this happens, God is there to support us and help us work through the challenges, until the final loving outcome is achieved.

Primarily, out of love, we are required to place God as the number one in our lives and our relationships. When we can accept this, and turn our relationships over to God, we are then open to receive so much assistance willingly and accept the outcomes, as part of God’s plan.

This is very freeing and something we need to work towards.

Apologising to God for our hurt caused and the wrongdoings done, adds another dimension to our improvement and relationship with God. God always wants the best for, and of, each of us. God knows intrinsically that we will weaken and make mistakes, hurting ourselves and others along the way. We can’t hurt God, but we can freely move away from God through our thoughts and actions. Through our acknowledgement of these wrongs and hurts, helps the healing process and brings us back closer to our relationship with God. This is God’s desire for us.

God loves each of us so much that God needs us all to be as close as possible to each other and God - in true love.

© Copyright 2016/7 Great Developments Publishers - ‘ One God for All’, p. 147-8

Image © Copyright 2017 Bryan W Foster

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