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God shone through – literally!

How did we know that God was present at a recent memorial service celebration? Brilliant sun glow and a sun formed crucifix. One of the key moments of the memorial was to be the sun setting over the ocean at the immediate conclusion of the celebration. The intense, pure, white radiance of the sun greeted you on your arrival at the surf club room set up for the memorial. The western windows were shrouded in white cloth to stop the direct sunlight. Yet, the intensity of the sun caused a brilliant white glow to permeate from the cloth to throughout the whole room. And this remained so throughout the next hour. A golden crucifix became emblazoned on the window cloth at the conclusion. The window covering was then removed to reveal an almost set sun. The congregation watched as Julie’s sun finally set over the western ocean this spectacular October afternoon. A green sun flash topped a most remarkable celebration of a most inspiring, wonderful lady! Rest in peace with God, Julie Eady. © Copyright 2017 Bryan W Foster Images of Sun at Perth © Copyright 2017 Bryan W Foster Facebook - Author details -

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