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God’s Revelation to Bryan Foster - the Background

God’s Revelation to Bryan Foster - Mt Warning on 28/5/16 (‘ One God for All’ - Book Extract)

This year [2016] I had the most remarkable opportunity to experience God’s Word first hand, literally. I had taken leave to recuperate from an illness and stayed for a few days in a caravan in my wife’s original hometown. The campsite I chose significantly had a view of Mt Warning in the background. A ‘mountain’ I had viewed thousands of times over the years, particularly since I was 18 and had met my future wife and her local banana farming family. Mt Warning is an imposing ‘mountain’ feature in the far north of New South Wales, Australia. I say mountain, in reality, it isn’t in any comparative height-sense like the mountains of Europe/Asia or the Americas. Yet, for the oldest continent, Australia, it is quite imposing. Being a volcanic core, it stands out literally within the caldera features of a huge ancient volcano. The shape is very appealing and attractive. Its centrality within the region causes it to be a feature admired from all directions.

Over three days, I drove the 60km around its base one day (on bitumen and gravel roads), around sugar cane farms and through national parks and small villages, videoed and photographed it from all possible directions, sat and reflected on it, observed it, drove and walked to key observation points, visited its base, and basically became very familiar with it. You could almost say, I became one with it.

On the third day, I was awoken at night. I was very aware of my breathing and of breathing very cool, fresh, clean air. I just lay there breathing deeply in through the nose, holding each breath for a couple of seconds and slowly blowing it out through the mouth. There was a real sense of presence. I started to realise it was quite a cold night and that I was lying at the foot of Mt Warning, relatively. I began to get this truly strong awareness that I was one with the mountain. The mountain and I had grown together significantly these past three days, and now we were at a climax. The Truth would become apparent.

I then started to get a message to write down what I was about to receive. And to be very accurate.

I soon began to realise that, just as in ancient times, the mountain was a conduit to God. Prophets from many religions had climbed mountains to be closer to God and to receive God’s message for that time and place in history and often for subsequent eras. I was not to climb the mountain tonight. (Or ever again due to an injury.) But I was to climb it figuratively.

Or was it a case of God coming down from the mountain?

Remarkably, what followed blew me away! Without thinking about what I was to write, I found myself writing down a list of instructions, teachings, ‘refreshers’. Was it truly from God? It sure felt like it. But how could I actually tell? I was told within my mind not to overthink this. To go with the flow. That it was all legitimate and would become apparent as the night went on. The challenge for me was that since my 25th birthday religious experience (See Story 1.), tears were a sign for me of God’s presence, the greater the tears, the greater the divine presence. (See Part 3 ‘Tears from God’)

Yet there were no tears tonight. But there was ecstasy and a realisation of what was happening. A font of wisdom was unfolding, and I was so, fortunately, a part of it. The list was completed. (See Appendix 1)

An explanation from me of what had occurred was recorded after the list. (See Appendix 2) And a perfect sleep followed.

The next morning was a Sunday, and I attended the Catholic sacrament/ritual of the Eucharist in the church in which Karen and I were married 38 years ago! The mass was by coincidence a First Communion mass for the local Catholic school. During the Mass I asked God if what happened last night was real – what followed was an outpouring of tears. The answer was an emphatic, “Yes!”

*** Revelation from God in next Blog***

© Copyright 2016 Bryan W Foster

Image Mt Warning © Copyright 2016/7 Bryan W Foster

Extract from ' One God for All' by Bryan Foster November, 2016, p95-7.

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