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Ever Experience Tears During the Eucharist/Mass?

Karen & My Marian Valley – God Experiences

Karen and I both experienced remarkable ‘Tears from God’ moments during Sunday’s mass at Marian Valley, 10km from Canungra. These occurred numerous times throughout the mass in the Black Madonna Chapel.

For Karen, these particularly occurred during the Eucharistic Prayer beginning with the Holy Holy Holy sung in Latin and the use of the traditional incense and concluded with the Our Father; while for me it was during the consecration.

Has this occurred for you? At which parts of the Mass? What was the intensity? Have you shared these times with others? Who?

At this special time for us, we found that the readings beautifully prepared the congregation through the highlighted themes of Love, Repentance and Forgiveness.

Both of us experienced one of the deepest experiences of encountering God within the Eucharist. These moments truly brought us into close contact with God we hadn’t experienced at this level before. We could feel the true presence of God with and in us!

This encounter with the one and only God of the universe, the one followed by all legitimate religions which follow God, came for me after many days of relaxing back into nature. Camping beside a stream in Canungra and driving the country roads to as far as the Stinson wreck, brought a real closeness with the local flora and fauna.

I write this encounter on Fatima Day, which is currently being celebrated with a Mass at Marian Valley. This morning I also had a very interesting chat with a married couple of Seven Day Adventist followers beachside at Surfers Paradise while on my bike ride.

Interestingly, the day before they leave for a new posting in southern central NSW and year since our chance encounter at Point Lookout. Coincidence or pre-destination…?

© Copyright 2017 Bryan W Foster

Images: Marian Valley, Queensland © Copyright 2017 Bryan W Foster.

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