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Tears from God

My ‘Road to Emmaus’ experience, my epiphany, the Commitment to God Day on my 25th birthday, highlighted something very special from God. (See Story 1, Part 2.)

It became very clear to me, that when God wanted me to know something very special was coming from God, there would be passing on of the Tears from God. These are not literally God’s tears physically, but these are tears from God spiritually, which I experience physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Many others also experience these tears from God. No one religion can claim this existence solely, as it occurs across all religions.

Just as these tears overwhelmed me all those years ago, each time God needs me to realise that something special is happening, or that differentiation is needed between things of this world and things God wants me to know about or do, God shares the tears.

Many will say that this is all just emotion and that the tears come because I am emotional about something. Early on this was my thought too. However, over time, there has developed a clear appreciation of the difference between normal, everyday, emotional tears and those from God.

The difference is very hard to explain, other than to say, you get this inherent feeling at the same time of the tears that God is making it known that God is present at that moment. It is not just like feeling God’s presence but knowing God is present.

(Extract from ‘ One God for All’, p121.)

© Copyright 2016/7 Bryan W Foster

Image: Genoa, Victoria © Copyright 2014 Bryan W Foster

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