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Secular Reformation Needed Now

A massive change in direction for the Western world, along with the attitude of its populations, is needed very quickly. The world as we know it is dying.

Our civilisation is now destroying itself. It is destroying our earthly resources like nothing before. It is destroying people and communities like never before. It is very much on its way out! No longer are other individuals and communities fully valued or even respected. The ‘Me’ world rules. The ‘whatever I believe and think is correct’ dominates. ‘I am but an island, and there is nothing else of importance – anywhere’ - echoes from pillar to screen.

There appears to be little place for higher order values. Little place for genuinely unique, loving, forgiving people. Little place for God. This is a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

The onus of contemporary proof of everything has taken the world to the brink.

That everything must be proved by Science is out rightly rejected. Science can only prove or disprove within the physical world. Science doesn't prove or disprove that higher forces exist. Science can’t prove or disprove God.

We need to call out those intellectual elites, atheists and secular fundamentalists who see nothing but the here and now as being real. That nothing is everlasting.

Freedom of speech is dying. The overly politically correct subjugate what it is to be truly human - with all humanity’s warts and all.

Idealism should be aimed for, but realistically. Following the various religious scriptures with a contextualist approach will help guide us. A literalistic interpretation of these scriptural sources often leads to misunderstandings and even more problems.

Domestic violence in any of its forms in any levels of society is never acceptable. Yet, this form of violence is tearing families and relationships apart in all sections of society.

The right to stand up for a real, loving God is being destroyed by the growing number of atheists and agnostics, who portray themselves as some form of intellectual elites and holders of all truth. Often these groups force their views on others, who they espouse must be ignorant to believe in God.

We can’t ever forget the greatest examples of atheism in action, before it became cool in the 2000s, was communist / marxist Soviet Union and Pol Pot’s Cambodia – where millions perished, lives were destroyed and religion axed as much as they could possibly do. No God allowed - yet so much inequality amongst murderous regimes - ruling without any freedom of choice, just through fear and persecution.

Everyone has the right to believe whatever they like. However, it is their duty to search for the TRUTH and not just accept the untruth because they believe it to be true based on little more than a ‘gut’ feeling philosophy or something they read, heard, etc.

There are ABSOLUTE TRUTHS. The physical world does exist. Humanity does exist within the physical world. God does exist within the physical and spiritual worlds. We can experience God in so many ways.

Denying God because:

of the evil actions of others,

or because life isn't fair,

or because we can't understand suffering,

or because we can't scientifically prove God,

or because we believe we don't need God,

or because we see ourselves as so strong that it would be weak to need God, etc.

diminishes our humanity and ability to go beyond ourselves.

We need God! We need what God offers all humanity equally. We need to accept God’s unconditional love for each one of us!

© Copyright 2017 Bryan W Foster

Sun Image: © Copyright 2017 Bryan W Fosterur post here.

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