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Truly Alive!

You haven’t truly lived until you know you are truly alive!

When you can truly show your appreciation for the gift of your life, you are truly alive.

Up until this moment, everything is so – ‘that’s life’ – yet it isn’t really!

To really watch the leaves blow in the wind of a backyard tree, with a setting sunset behind and really see, experience and enjoy the clouds moving across the sky, and marvel at creation and your opportunity to be an active part of this - is life.

To know that you don’t have to be here. That your time is over, and that your next stage is just around the corner, is very sobering, provoking and yet – beautiful.

This is life! God hasn’t called you on, yet. Love the here and now. Enjoy and appreciate the world as it is. And that you are an integral, real and authentic part of it.

The next stage could occur at any moment. There is no time limit. No waiting for the right moment. It is when it is!!!

Our God gives us this most exceptional, awesome, real life, whatever our circumstances. Our God gives us every chance possible to do and be our best. Our God then calls us home…

© Copyright 2017 Bryan W Foster

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