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What are the 9 essentials needed to teach adolescents/youth about God?

Being an authentic believer who truly loves God and God’s creations is essential. No pretending about your faith or knowledge will work.

A genuine follower of God already has many of the teaching gifts needed.

9 Key areas for successfully teaching adolescents – 3 personal characteristics + 6 methods.


• Genuine belief in God • Personal and professional lifestyles known by the adolescents - exemplifying God’s taught lifestyle • Modelling of your prayer, meditation and sacramental experiences

• Meeting them where they are and lifting them upwards • Telling your stories about God and God’s encounters with you e.g. through your prayer or revelation, life stories, etc. • Being real and honest in your discussions - but always appropriate to the topic and purpose • Openness to the adolescents about your own humanity and its weaknesses and strengths • Explicit knowledge of God and God’s teachings • Answering students’ questions about God.

Love God. Live God. Fly with God!

©2017 Bryan Foster

Photo: Paragliding towards Mt Warning. ©2017 Bryan Foster

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