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Media vs The Church - “You lose… Ha! Ha!”

This seems to be the cry from most media outlets and social media platforms these days. This week’s ABC Australia's 7:30 program’s coverage of the Church’s role and response to domestic violence in Australia was a very poor effort. It appears to once again try and make the Church seem irrelevant and possibly complicit. This time with a heinous social issue. Very poor journalism and research was shown by the ABC. Old overseas research replaced present day real information. Key figures were not referred to, even though the information each had was basic to the real position within their denominations these days. The interview with the Anglican Archdeacon for Women in Sydney, Kara Hartley, along with detailed information provided by Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane, Mark Coleridge, were ignored. Even though substantial information was gained from each. Both could show the abhorrence and response each Church teaches about domestic violence. The ABC really needs to lift its game and show appreciation for, and understanding of, the active role of the Church in this country. How about the really good news story… The Church’s social welfare, education and health organisations employ the second highest number of people outside the governments. These institutions positively affect thousands if not millions of Australians on a regular basis. ©2017 Bryan Foster

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