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Fear of being a Religious Follower Today?

There seems to be developing a certain amount of fear or anxiety amongst religious followers and those contemplating following a particular religious faith. There is a fear or an anxiousness with following their God!

This fear may also be linked to the Australian census data of late. The misinterpreted ‘30% ‘No Religion’ category is causing quite an amount of unnecessary and unfounded angst in many religious followers and doubters alike. (See previous blog. 'Australian 2016 Census - Numbers Misread’.)

Various people within the secular, agnostic and atheistic groups are either deliberately or unknowingly placing negative pressures on to believers! There is developing this individualistic view, which if you are following God, then you must be ignorant, fatalistic or just a fool stuck in another millennium or some vortex beyond reality! A view which doesn’t allow for personal beliefs or individual differences. In fact, to have these views is considered with contempt by these people.

These scaremongers may come from various paradigms ranging from false informed academic or political elite to being caught up with so much of the ill-informed nonsense thoughts that sweep across our social and mainstream media. So often these days, it becomes impossible to know fact from fiction or authentic well-founded and articulated beliefs from personal, individualistic, uninformed ones.

What ever happened to the Aussie dictum of giving everyone a fair go? Of being tolerant and accepting of various thoughts, feelings and beliefs?

This growing political and academic elite of extremists need to be called out for what they are and what they do to our society’s generous and accepting fabric. No more ridiculing of differences! No more unauthentic acceptance of people! No more ‘elite’ grandstanding!

God loves us all equally and without reservation! No matter what some may think!

'Fear of Being a Religious Follower Today' + Crystal cave image

©2017 Bryan Foster

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