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Australian 2016 Census - Numbers Misread

30% ‘No Religion’ does not equal 30% No God

God is dead! God is dying! God never was! Many could be challenged to accept these notions, based on so much commentary since the 2016 census details came out this week.

Bernard Salt in today’s The Weekend Australia misinterprets the 30% ‘No Religion’ statistic, I believe. “The rise of godliness, for that is what it is, has found resonance in every part of the nation and across all age groups.”

Was the census question: Belief in God? Or, are you an atheist? No! People just marked a box for their religion. 30% said they had no religion. Not - no God! A huge difference!

From my experience, I would tend to believe that the majority of those No Religion markers legitimately had no religious institutional following of any substance and were being very honest. Once upon a time, these people ticked their nominal religion in the belief that this was what was expected of a decent citizen.

This is not a rejection of God just of any institutional religion.

I believe the great majority of Australians believe in God, or least in an all-powerful force or entity. Also, most of the No Religion group as well. Australia is a very religious and spiritual country with its roots in both the indigenous earthly beliefs and the strong historical Christian beliefs. The constitution and laws of this land are based on Christian principles.

Unfortunately, there is developing a vocal atheistic movement in this country. Not content with their own beliefs being personal, they feel it necessary to impose these views on the non-atheist. And in many cases attack the believer. Trying to convert them to atheism. It has happened to me a number of times since my book was published. They then openly criticise the religious believers if the believers ever dare to espouse their beliefs.

God is alive! God is 1! God always was!

Australian 2016 Census - Numbers Misread' + Image ©2017 Bryan Foster

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