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Great teams can do great things!

Teams of godly inspired people allow God’s revelation and inspiration to be an integral and intrinsic aspect of support and direction. God’s teams can do anything!

These photos show two fantastic teams I have been privileged to have worked on in my capacity as Assistant Principal Religious Education at Aquinas College, Southport. Each person played a unique and important role and took the Catholic school forward in necessary directions for those times. Sadly, Simon McKenzie, who was on one of the teams, recently passed away. Simon is a true inspiration to so many staff and students. The teams, staff and past students came together after the memorial celebration to celebrate Simon’s life.

1. Nancy Freddi (unable to be present) Principal, Diarmuid O’Riordan, Carol Little, Simon McKenzie (deceased), Bryan Foster.

2. Maryanne Finder, Principal, Des Pollard, Mary Nash and Bryan Foster.

Each person has also gone on to do further important roles and activities after leaving these teams –Diarmuid to other school principalships and Acting Area Supervisor and Deputy Diocesan Director. Maryanne to another school principalship. Nancy and Des have retired. Carol has continued her various directorships and accounting roles. Bryan and Mary returned to full-time teaching, a most rewarding and enjoyable vocation.

The teams had the gift to work with a common unity. To assist and support each other. To genuinely put the students, staff, parents and wider school community as priorities. It wasn’t perfect but most often worked out for the best.

Perfection is the aim but a reality only for God.

© Copyright 2017 Bryan W Foster

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