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The Risen Christ and the Risen Sun - Easter

Each morning the sun rises. Each morning the resurrected Christ is there for us all. The rising sun is a warm reminder of God’s special presence for us in the Eucharist.

Easter is the most glorious time for Christians, followers of Christ, the resurrected incarnate God. It is a time to celebrate God’s defeat of death.

The rising sun follows the dark of the night. The glorified rise to eternal salvation from the darkened tombs.

Like me, do you see the rising sun when the priest slowly raises the host at the consecration? The sun being a metaphor for the host?

The sun is the nearest massive power source we have which we can observe. It is the only one for us.

It more than represents our 1 God of this world. It gives light to our world. It gives life to our world. Without the sun we are nothing, we die, we don’t exist.

Without God, we have no light, no life, just eternal death and damnation.

Easter celebrates the light of God in this world. Let’s all celebrate what this should mean for each and every human. The light source becomes especially present for Christians this weekend. All people, no matter their religion or personal beliefs, are one with God.

God rose for us. Let us rise to the challenge of Easter this weekend!

(Image from this week's trip to Texas, southern Queensland, Australian bush. Old, decaying shed falling before the rising sun!)

© Copyright 2017 Bryan W Foster

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