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Family Love - the Greatest Love of All

A loving family is the strongest unit within civilised and tribal groups alike. It needs to be nurtured, supported and encouraged. When each individual truly loves the other, great things happen! Differences are accommodated, successes are celebrated, challenges are issued, respect is integral and most importantly forgiveness is offered and received whole heartedly, to name but a few actualities. A mother's love for her child. A husband's love for his wife. A daughter's love for her siblings. A son's love for his father. And the cycle goes on into a complex web of family relationships of love. Family members are gifted with blood relationships. Nothing is stronger or everlasting - except for the creation of a new bond between husband and wife which inevitably leads to the loving union creating children. Out of respect for one another, individuals are encouraged to be themselves. To be the people they desire to be. These individuals will grow as people over time - even if the direction taken is contrary to accepted family norms. At times this will lead to challenges within the family, yet a true loving family will overcome all challenges. Family members will be open to challenges issued within the family: challenges to strengthen outside relationships; challenges to improve themselves in specific or general ways; challenges to be an integral and valued member of the family. Successes will be celebrated by all within the family. At times this will be difficult for various members as they grapple with personal challenges, insecurities and dilemmas. Yet, when each member celebrates another's success, they themselves grow in personal statue within and beyond the family. They grow in self-worth and love for the other. Once this is discovered the whole family unit grows and is strengthened and unified. Being forgiven is an awe-inspiring moment for any family member, especially if the forgiveness is as a result of some extreme hurt from or against another within the family. Society needs to model successful and loving families and not just accept without challenge dysfunctional ones. Dysfunctional families are real but a loving society needs to assist these families to improve so that each family becomes more loving within and without of themselves. Families are the strength within any society. The stronger the family is the stronger the society. Society needs to encourage and support strong loving families. Article Source: from 11 November, 2010. ©2010 Bryan W Foster on Ezine Articles.

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