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God Loves Beauty

God is beautiful! We are naturally attracted to the beautiful. We love and enjoy the beauty of nature, the beauty of animals, the beauty of humanity. Who has not sat under the clear night sky, well away from the city lights, and marvelled at the shear awesome beauty of the cosmic universe? Maybe this a metaphor for a realistic approach for finding God? Get as far away from the busyness of life as is possible and sit in awe with the wonder of God. Here is a good place to find God. We need to be open to this. It may be a time when God decides it is to be a special moment in our relationship with God. Historically this is a commonly used approach e.g. going to the desert to pray/meditate. The beauty of God and God’s creation is very appealing. The beauty of creation is the creation made by God! God uses beauty to attract us to God. All of us have a natural beauty. Unfortunately, way too many people disagree and don’t see this aspect of themselves. Each person who is content/happy with who they are, has an inner peace, no matter what they look like, what their career, what their wealth, etc., will exude a beauty that is confident and very appealing. A gift from God. It is our duty to find our true inner beauty. To help others find theirs. It will help us find God. It will help us understand others. It will improve our relationships with others and with God. Those fortunate enough to exude beauty in any of its forms, whether they have that deep seated personal beauty or that physical beauty, etc., need to use this for God’s advantage. God works through people. People who are attractive and appealing, in whatever aspect of beauty they exude to others, have a major role to play in living God’s Word as a wonderful example for others to aspire to… and eventually attain. Beauty is a natural aspect of the created world. It is an aspect which humanity desires. It is naturally and most importantly - beautiful! (Continued p160 of ' One God for All') ©2016-2017 GREAT DEVELOPMENTS PUBLISHERS (Edited extract from 'God Loves Beauty', in Part 3, ' One God for All', p160-2)

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