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Why Believe in God?

There are so many reasons to believe in God. These are on several levels, some of which I use personally and will be discussed here. There are the experiential occasions, the WOW moments, the scientific, the intellectual, the philosophical, the literary and the historical levels.

The difficulty is that those not open to the possibility of God or who are deliberately against this openness, have already shut the gate to discovering God – for that moment in time.

From a personal viewpoint, I was literally filled with the physical heat and spiritual awareness of God’s presence. [Resulting in Tears from God.] This led to a commitment to God, which has not wavered or needed questioning for the past 34 years, even when challenged with very difficult situations. (Detail in Story 1, Part 2.)

The more we understand science and scientific discoveries the closer we should move toward God. Science is a ‘discovering’ gift from God. It is the toolbox to explore and find God in the physical world in which we live. To see the brilliant laws of nature in action is literally beyond this world.

When we ask those inherent philosophical questions, particularly, “Where do we come from?” and use science to assist, we can only reach one conclusion the more we ask the question. As we keep asking, “And where did … come from?” eventually we get back to realising that there had to be some force or entity behind the beginning of time and space.

If we accept the ‘Big Bang Theory’ then we have to ask, “What started this event?” Rationality dictates that there must be something that started it. That it accidentally occurred is irrational.

This same rationality does not apply to God. The universe and all of creation is physical, yet God is divine, not a physical entity. Nothing had to start God. God always was and always will be.

Emotion and intuition are characteristics from God. These are beyond the normal physical understanding of life and existence. These are truly unique human characteristics, which define us, and along with intelligence, take us to our own superior level.

The inherent sense and intuitive feelings of good, righteousness and the presence of God, support God’s existence. Knowing this is right being a most freeing experience.

Believers in God have existed since the beginning of time. Their spiritual and religious awareness has varied depending on so many influences. For something to [be so significant and influential even today and to] have lasted for millennia means that there must be something of substance to what the believers believe… they felt the intrinsic pull of a greater force, which impacted significantly on their lives.

Intelligence is a gift from God. As the ultimate choice, to have the capacity as humans to make life and death decisions, literally, is something absolutely powerful. It had to come from somewhere. It cannot be an accident over time that the whole species has this capacity. God had to intercede at some time in human evolution to implant this superior characteristic.

Free Will from an absolutely loving God is the crowning glory for humanity. To be able to choose life or death is an absolute response to God’s absolute love of us. Is this the ‘missing link’ moment?

The religious writings, drawings and stories told, read or observed, generation after generation throughout history, told of their God/s and their God’s place in their world. For these writings, drawings and stories to have lasted for thousands of years in many cases, means that there must be some significant reason for such an existence lasting.

Praying with God brings a closeness with God billions of people appreciate. That committed one-on-one time or the communal prayer time, brings a lasting awareness and closeness with God. It is real and is experienced by billions.

This also brings a closeness within the praying community. One with the other. A feeling of solidarity with like-minded people.

People are often changed in ways which make them feel and live more fulfilled and rewarding lives, where God and other people count enormously. People enjoy an increased depth in their relationships, their lives and their world.

WOW moments, which are jaw dropping, are God-given. Those awesome moments when you cannot doubt that God exists. That you can’t help but say, “There has to be a God!”

The reasons discussed above are some of the reasons many of us believe in God. I personally believe in each point made and feel an absolutely, unquestionable belief in God.

(Extracted quotes from ' God for All' by Bryan Foster

, p25-8)


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