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Churches, Mosques, Temples, Synagogues - God's Home

Many prayerful and spiritual moments and events have been experienced in a variety of God's homes. The same God has been felt whenever I have been in each of these buildings.

There is always this sense of awe and amazement on entering each unique architectural success, built especially for God and God's people. Some places have stronger or different reactions and these can vary over many visits.

When open to God, God always comes. Not necessarily in the way expected, but in a way God desires for that person in that time and place. Sometimes it is easy, other times require patience and a considerable 'letting go' and trust in God. While on other rare occasions, God doesn't seem to be there for that person... yet is there for others in the same building. We have to 'Let Go and Let God' respond with us as God desires. This will vary according to so many things. But if we are truly open to receiving God, it will happen in a way of God's choosing.

God loves us all equally. God desires an intimate relationship with each and everyone of us.

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